“Keep evading” is a 10 minutes experience-based immersive audio-light installation whose aesthetic proposal aims to transport visitors to a place where the only thing that exists is «the here and now»


Whether we like it or not, we live in an excessively fast-paced culture. We don’t have enough time for ourselves. The competitive world around us demands us to give 200% in a constant state of hyper-productivity. We have to stop.
We have reached the point where we believe that being a busy person equals success, although the truth is that underneath that illusion we hide the stress, pressure and anxiety to which we are subjected.
There is no doubt that we are increasingly becoming more industrialized, more programmed and more accelerated. Where are we evolving to? Is this way of life pushing us to become dehumanized individuals?

K-E wants to give us a wake-up call and remind us that we’re living an excessively programmed life in which our identity has become diluted. Living at this speed, giving 200%, in this extremely competitive world… Does it make my existence seem more meaningful? Surely it makes me feel busier. “I am productive, therefore I am” seems to have replaced Descartes’ classic rationalist quote, “I think, therefore I am”. Do we no longer reason?
“Doing more” and getting the most out of our time becomes a driving force in our daily lives. It provides us with a false identity, an identity based on the result of immediacy.
The consequence is that we are becoming a society accustomed to acting without thinking, to deciding without valuing. Where does that lead us? Has our perception of the world become anaesthetized?

Role: Concept, art direction, visuals and sound design: